The conflict of Opportunity and Risk; Emerging Brands

Business is risky.  Getting in on the ground floor can be a riskier entrance, but with the proper research and analysis, the sky truly could be the limit. We have all been told there is a direct correlation between risk and reward.  Most of the highly successful business people in history have been able to accept the risk and confidently challenge the market.   Buying an established franchise is generally Read More

Regaining self-esteem after a job loss

So many articles have been written lately on the serious topic of regaining self-esteem after a job loss.  Those of you, who have read my e-book, Pink Slip Paradise, know I personally dealt with this challenge five years ago.  Most articles express the similar thoughts.  They deal with the internal negative emotions of avoiding depression and isolation, taking care of yourself physically, staying focused and resetting goals.  All of these Read More